Star Trek - Crew

Client: Paramount

In order to take full advantage of the ships we created, we embarked on the journey of creating crew, leveraging 26 Known Crew, from Stange New Worlds and Discovery, I then set to the task of developing 104 new crew, which were a mix of Humans and Vulcans. We knew we wanted to leverage Unreal's Metahuman Creator to help generate the crew giving us control and flexibility. 

After designing the dataset for the characters, we needed to design the container that they would live in, leveraging my knowledge of Trek, as well as tons of reference from the shows, I designed the container, and then we leveraged colors, inner container backgrounds as well as backgrounds to tell the story of rarity for each character, as they were able to level up from Common to Ultra Rare.
I designed a program, within Houdini, that would generate millions of combinations of traits and characteristics, including having Houdini randomly assign Metahuman Creator parameters, so that we could ensure that not only were all of the departments and skillsets covered but that we were upholding one of Star Trek's biggest pillars, diversity.

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StarTrek - Crew Paramount/RECUR

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